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Covenant Creators is a mentoring program offered by Women in Christian Leadership that addresses the question, "How do I better lead as a Christian?" It derives its name from the promises made by God to protect and nurture those who remain faithful to Him. In this program, we strive to establish a covenant through an agreement to align our actions with His word, symbolizing our commitment to serve both God and one another. Our belief is that through encouragement, education, and elevation of one another as Christian women, we can discern our strengths and gifts, using them effectively in our homes, workplaces, and communities to lead more people to God's saving grace.

Program Details:

  • Duration: 6 months (February – July 2024)
  •  Group virtual kickoff meeting: February 20, 2024, 6:30pm-8pm
  •  Monthly 60-minute mentorship meetings (virtual or in-person)
  •  Open sharing of goals, challenges, and aspirations with your mentor
  •  Commitment to completing action items identified in mentor sessions
  •  Emphasis on aligning personal growth with Christian values

Application Process:

  • If you are a woman aspiring to lead as a Christian, apply for this program.
  • Limited slots available; first-come, first-served basis.
  • No additional fees for program participation.
  • After program completion, you can choose to donate to support future mentorship initiatives.

Application Deadline: Closed

Notification of Acceptance: Week of February 5, 2024

Contact Information:

  • Lois: 937-673-6558
  • Rhonda Reagh: 937-901-5612

Closing Thoughts: The book of Ecclesiastes (4:7-11) reminds us of the power of collaboration and mentorship. Covenant Creators provides the opportunity for women to support and mentor one another on their Christian journey, drawing closer to God, our ultimate mentor. Join us and experience the positive impact mentoring can have on your life.

Meet the Mentors

Amanda Banister

Amanda Banister, is a seasoned leader in the nonprofit sector. She passionately advocates for youth empowerment and social justice. She holds dual bachelor’s degrees from Southern Methodist University and is pursuing a Master's in Public Service and Administration at Texas A&M University. As founder and CEO, Amanda guides her organization with strategic vision, specializing in trauma-informed approaches and Trust-Based Relational Intervention. She empowers causes she cares about with her involvement in organizations like Women in Christian Leadership, the International Women's Club of Riga, and the Christian Alliance for Orphans, where she advocates family preservation and Former Foster Youth rights.

Cassie B. Barlow, Ph.D.

Dr. Cassie B. Barlow, President of the Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE), prioritizes collaboration among SOCHE’s 23 member institutions. Formerly the 88th Air Base Wing Commander at Wright-Patterson AFB, she oversaw a significant workforce. Retired as a Colonel in 2014, Dr. Barlow, a distinguished Georgetown University graduate, served in various global assignments during her 13-year military career. Currently, she focuses on SOCHE's programs for member colleges, faculty development, and meeting students' workforce needs.

Blanca Criner

Blanca Criner, born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico, is a globetrotter and humanitarian with a passion for diverse cultures. A seasoned traveler, she explores cooking classes and culinary traditions. Engaged in global missionary work, Blanca leaves a positive impact on diverse communities. Locally, she serves on WIBN-BBB and WICL Boards, Optimist Group and actively fostering connections on different networking groups. In her personal life, Blanca shares adventures with husband David, son Joey in college, and Buddy, their Chiweenie. Professionally, as Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Abbey Credit Union, she showcases Abbey's impact and continuously mentor her peer Patty for community outreach on ways to add value to the community she serves.

Melissa Jones

Melissa Jones, residing in Christchurch, New Zealand, is dedicated to guiding others on their transformative journeys, emphasizing the power of connecting with love for divine inspiration. As a licensed public school teacher and facilitator, she contributed to computer science education at Canterbury University. Through MJ Consulting, her current venture, Melissa promotes holistic wellness, fostering connections with nature, creativity, and inner peace. Additionally, she offers solutions in nutrition, skincare, and cutting-edge wellness devices. Actively involved in Women in Christian Leadership, she also facilitates for the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation Transformation Tables, embodying her mantra of Connect, Love, Inspiration, and Transformation.

Melissa Cutcher

Melissa serves as the Executive Director of Technology First. She is a  driven, ambitious, and results-oriented leader with 15+ years of experience and a track record of success - passionate about coaching, mentoring, and making a difference throughout the Dayton region. Creative, collaborative, change agent and advocate for continuous improvement. Intellectually curious learner who promotes growth and development. Caring and compassionate communicator and inspiring presenter.

Lois Elrich

Lois Elrich serves as Ministry Lead for the Covenant Creators Mentoring program within Women in Christian Leadership. Her responsibilities encompass program design, mentor recruitment, and facilitating mentor/mentee pairings. Lois is a multifaceted individual, serving as an author, entrepreneur, leadership coach, speaker, and facilitator.

She is the founder of Real Change, impacting numerous individuals and organizations. Additionally, as president and co-founder of Solid Blend Technologies, she has led the company to recognition as one of the Best Places to Work. Lois finds joy in family, travel, reading, and staying active, embodying the profound impact of personal development.  She attributes her success to Jesus Christ, finding strength in and embracing Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Carol Prewitt

Carol Prewitt is the President of Prewitt Consulting, LLC. Prewitt Consulting provides civility training, etiquette, and business protocol to corporations, universities, schools, government agencies, religious organizations, community groups, and individuals.

Professional grant writer and fundraiser for non-profit organizations.

Provides board development training to non-profit organizations.

Sherry Pitts

Sherry Pitts is a faithful Christian. She’s passionate about helping people identify their Life Purpose and live in it. She believes everyone has talents and gifts, and when recognized, they can be used to make a difference in the world around them. Sherry is a Life Coach and a powerful Mental Health Therapist who assist individuals in living a life worth living. She is also an author of “Imagine That! 31 Days of Purpose-Filled Analogies” and “#QualityThoughtLife”. Sherry’s Life Purpose: To humbly serve God while inspiring others through prayer and encouragement to achieve their destiny.

Abby Pytosh

Dayton, Ohio native Abby Pytosh, a devoted family member and Strategic Communications Leader, connects people and ideas with a passion. Boasting 15 years of experience, she excels in enhancing leadership communication, fostering employee engagement, and building robust corporate cultures. Currently transitioning from full-time caregiving, Abby eagerly awaits guidance on utilizing her talents in the next chapter. Unveiling her inner lioness, she remains a positive force, giving more than she takes, and transforming life's detours into opportunities.

Cheri Robison

Cheri Robison is the Director of Human Resources at Riverview Health Institute in Dayton, Ohio. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Women in Christian Leadership. Cheri has studied God’s Word for over 40 years and still finds incredible joy in it. She loves sharing sound doctrine with grace, truth, and love. Cheri has been involved in prison ministry since 2013. She has been leading adult Bible studies since 2017. Cheri has also discipled women one-on-one and has seen some of them become missionaries oversees. She enthusiastically and intentionally equips women to see their value in the body of Christ.

Wendy Roop

Owner, Wendy Roop Coaching

Wendy is a Professional Certified Coach and Certified Trauma Informed Coach who brings 25+ years of corporate experience in Human Resource Management and People Development to her work. Her background includes industries such as manufacturing, finance, technology, and healthcare, focusing on fostering team-building, a thriving culture, and leadership coaching.

Wendy is the owner of Wendy Roop Coaching and is passionate about holding space for leaders to process through all they are facing and to recognize their fullest potential as a leader.

Kim Vesey

Kim Vesey has served as a hospice nurse and executive for nearly 40 years. She describes her life’s work as deeply, intimately moving, and life changing. She recently retired as the Executive Director for Ohio’s Hospice.

She attributes her success to God’s many blessings and His ongoing guidance, incredible mentors, and her desire to inspire and positively impact others. Faith plays an important role in her work. Kim is a certified hospice nurse, and is certified in thanatology (study of death and grief). She is an author of children’s books on grief, national and TEDx speaker, a mom, and grandma.

All of us need someone to help us think through what we’re going through so we can discover what’s getting in the way of real change." - Lois Elrich

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