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The 2023 theme for Women in Christian Leadership is “To Lead…We Must C.A.R.E.”

By caring for others it often leads to Connection, when we Connect it can change the trajectory of another’s life. Caring leadership Anticipates the Needs of others, think ahead of what they might need or want. That same care shows Respect. As a leader (and that includes all that has influence) it is important to show respect to others. The Golden Rule is to treat another as you would want them to treat you. And then to lead, we must Encourage, building that culture of sisterhood by giving support, confidence, and hope. Women in Christian Leadership adds two additional E’s, Education: to educate women and equip them to know God’s truth through His Word. And then to Elevate women to live authentically through the love of Christ.

We are women gathered to encourage, educate and elevate others. Fulfilling the identified needs of leadership development by creating resources to equip and support. The resources that offer the opportunity to discover and develop your leadership gifts and skills.

Jeanne Porter, Founder

Women in Christian Leadership

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