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        Everyday Women, From All Walks of Life,
Tell Their Stories 

It’s Her Story is a “collective call” to bring the heart, soul and brilliance of women to the forefront by sharing their unique story of how God has moved in their lives. Let’s talk about transparency, sharing real power and activating others to step into their greatness.

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Meet the Host: Karen Colonna Carter

Karen has an incredible ability to put on armor and go to work: to pick up the shield and the sword and to fight the battles required to raise millions of dollars for non-profits, lead organizations and inspire team members to perform. At the same time, beneath the metal plates required to perform at the highest levels, Karen is anchored in a rooted faith that propels her forward even through life’s greatest suffering. In 2004, Karen’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer and in that moment, everything changed. The years that followed would deliver layers of anguish, joy, laughter, heartache, and loss. These bruises and scars etched into her heart remain as a testament to the truth that sometimes bravery is revealed in the naked exposure of ourselves rather than in the high performance of corporate success.

Karen’s story inspires us to humble ourselves, receive God’s grace and open our hearts to the life and purpose he has created within each of us. Whether faced with a life threatening diagnosis, personal trauma, or financial challenges, her message is one of resilience, reminding us that faith can carry us through any battle. 

Karen provides a window into the courage of the heart - the soft strength beneath the armor - and gives all of us permission to live our truth as it presents itself.

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