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Jesus said He is the "Bread of Life" and invites us to the table of His word. Wherever you meet Him you can taste and see that He is Good!

The Bistro

Join us at The Bistro for a Bible Study filled with daily reflections and lively discussions around your weekly table. We serve up a delicious menu of God's Word, and there's plenty to go around. Come hungry, and let's savor the nourishment of both food and fellowship as we grow together in faith.

virtual study

The Gospel of John

 Step into the Gospel of John with me—it's truly an awe-inspiring book! This gospel shines a spotlight on Jesus as the Word, the Messiah, and the Son of God, emphasizing His divine nature like no other gospel does. It's jam-packed with Jesus' own words about Himself. My heartfelt prayer is that as we delve into this gospel together, it will draw us into an even closer, more personal relationship with our Lord, helping us to know Him on a deeper level.

 Study of the Gospel of John

Wednesdays, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. ET

 Starting September 13, 2023

(see schedule below)

Led by: Rita James

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Discover how to use study tools to unearth the truths within God's Word. Just like the Farm-to-Table concept brings food straight from the farm to your kitchen table, this study will have you digging deep and getting your hands dirty as you harvest the wisdom of God's Word.

virtual webinar

We’re bringing you a sermon notebook 2.0, designed with an intuitive notes taking section for use during ANY message where the Word of God is preached + a “Living Deeper Still” spread with approachable questions that help root the Word in your heart afterwards so you don’t forget it days later. This is NOT just a sermon notebook, it’s your every-Bible-message-journal and it’s a log of the growth you experience as you interact with God’s Word over the course of six months!


Saturday, September 23, 2023

Led by: Lisa Meiners


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New Study coming this summer

Back Porch Bible Studies

Podcast with Debra Ghysels

Welcome Friend to my BACK PORCH!! My name is Debra Ghysels and I'll be your host on this weekly podcast. In a world where truth is toted as "Relative" and can't be known, we will learn from the Author of Truth and build our lives on that firm foundation. So grab your drink and meet me on....My Back Porch, where we talk about what the Bible says about our Great God.

 Current Study 


 Debra Ghysels


Jeanne Porter, Founder

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