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Testimonial from Daria Dillard Stone

  • January 05, 2022 2:23 PM
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    Melissa Cutcher (Administrator)

    Women in Christian Leadership has been a spiritual compass for me. As long as I have walked with the Lord, I find new revelations because of the conversations and connections WiCL offers. I regret missing the Coffee and Conversations on Fridays because I know if I do I will miss being blessed by the host and/or facilitator. I love how diverse the group is and how our time together is valued by all. Some of the wonderful women are new to Christ and others have been walking with Christ a long time. We are all on the same "praying field" and it shows! We all desire to be intentional (more intentional I should say) so we can lead others to the hope that is only found in our Risen Savior. 

    This is a group that really connects the audience with resources that are vital in growing that person at their pace in their space. The creativity that is shared is refreshing, to say the least. These women/businesswomen are not ashamed to say they are one of the King's Kids as they share their wisdom, resources, and fervent prayers. Whether we are Housewives, Factory Workers, CEOs, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, etc. there is something women can gain if they join our loving group. I am more open and vulnerable because I can be in WiCL.

    Daria Dillard Stone, CEO, Sharing Ministries International, Dayton, OH

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